Best ways to Address the topic of Exclusivity With Him?

Reader concern:

we found he on fit four weeks in the past. I’m crazy about him. We had the chat and I told him I can’t date several people concurrently, and he informed me he’s in the same way. Now a friend saw him on another milf dating sites site, POF, and watched he spruced up their profile following the week-end he found myself. Demonstrably, he is still looking around. I already think lied to but how carry out We approach this subject with him?”

-Britt M. (California)

Professional’s Answer:


Just before start to conclusions, let us give the guy the benefit of the question. He might have spruced right up their profile before the guy really got to know you, but now he has got strong feelings individually and he hasn’t even already been on POF in weeks. Did the guy revise their profile after you had “the chat”? If that’s the case, i’d worry. You may well be crazy about the man but if you already believe lied to after one thirty days, i recommend you cut your losses today, and find somebody who is honest and undoubtedly keeps your exact same prices, not just someone that claims the guy life from the exact same moral code.

Trust is the most essential part of any connection. Actions usually talk higher than words, and also this man’s actions is likely to be letting you know he isn’t “one.” If this response only doesn’t jive along with you while need provide him the opportunity, I would personally say go at the one directly. Ask him if he could be on another adult dating sites to discover just what he states. If the guy is, get going, girlfriend! If according to him yes, ask if he could be upgrading his profile to get to know other ladies. Ask him to explain their comprehension of the talk to discover if he’s actually committed. Make sure he understands you are not into online dating him if he is seeing somebody else, and stick by your term. First and foremost, never ever settle for below the very best — you are entitled to it.

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