Body Worn GPS

Body worn antennas designed to fit into a small pouch or attached with velcro

They are omni-directional and submersible.

Available in 14db, 20dB, 25dB, and 30dB

Voltages 1.6Vdc to 6.0Vdc

Quad V

Quad V

Omnidirectional, wide bandwidth for BeiDou / COMPASS / BDS, GPS, GLONASS, WiFi and Iridium applications.
Mini Stubby Antenna

XP263 Mini Twist-On Active GPS Stubby Antenna

At one inch in height and 0.80 inches in diameter XP263 is smallest screw on 25dB GPS antenna.  Omni-directional, impact resistant, and submersible  


QVSMA-20G SMT Active Trilateral antenna 24dB

for use with BeiDou-GPS-GLONASS

JDGA produces antennas for applications ranging from rockets and racing equipment to live animals and submarines.

We welcome the challenge of demanding requirements.

GDGA Satellite


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USA 1-972-699-9976

ROHS Compliant
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