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GPS & Cellular antennas for demanding requirements

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External Mount Passive GPS Antennas
Omnidirectional  Field Replaceable   Impact Resistant   IP68  Submersible

 QHT  Twist-On Passive GPS Stubby (-2.8dB)


 Quadrifilar helix    SMA male connector   IP68  Submersible (100+m)


 15mm (D) X 45mm (H)     DC block  (formerly 080907-02)


 QVT    Quad V Twist-On Passive GPS Stubby (-5.0dB)


 Quadrifilar V    SMA male connector      IP68 Submersible (100+m)


 15mm (D) X 45mm (H)     DC Block


 BW201   Body Worn Passive GPS Antenna (-2.8dB) 


 Quadrifilar helix          IP68  Submersible (300+m)


 Cable / Terminating  Connector - Customer Select


XP200  Rugged Wide Band Antenna 5dB       Galileo / GLONASS / GPS / Iridium


Quadrifilar V    SMA male connector     IP68 Submersible (100+m)   


15mm (D) X 36mm (H)     


XP201  Mini Twist-On Passive GPS Stubby 


Quadrifilar helix    SMA male connector    IP68 Submersible (100+m)  


15mm (D) X 36mm (H) 

 Made in USA